Saturday, November 14, 2009

It's bathtime baby! An Agile Wallaby mother and her joey.

Did you know that all Mums have trouble at bathtime? Yes even this Agile one! (Agile Wallaby, that is!)

MUM: OK we’ve finished our dinner, it’s time for your bath!

MUM: First we do behind the ears!

JOEY: Oh get off Mum! It’s clean I tell ya!

MUM: I don’t think so, let me see.

MUM: STAY STILL and let me do this!

MUM: Now what about your neck?

JOEY: What about yours?

MUM: OOh! You little devil, get back here!

MUM: Fine! Fine! You do it yourself and I’ll look after myself!

JOEY: OK then!

JOEY: Don’t know what she’s goin’ on about!!

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