Friday, May 15, 2015

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day ... May 2015 ... end of our Autumn.

Not much has changed since my GBBD post last month.  Our dry season is now well underway and there's been absolutely no rain at all for quite some time now.  Thankfully it seems as if our long, long, hot Summer is over. 

We had a rather pleasant cool day today.  I woke up to around 18 deg C early this morning and it was only 19 deg C around morning tea time.  Such a beautiful morning.  Perhaps our winter weather has arrived at last.

I wandered around taking some shots of the few blooms that are on show here and there.  The garden is in down time right now, feeling very thirsty.  I've been doing a fair bit of watering for the last month or so, as the soil is so dry and parched after the wet season no-show.  We've also started having some very windy days which doesn't help with moisture retention.

So here's some of the colour that caught my eye as I wandered around this morning.

Out in the shadehouse garden ...


 Dragonwing Begonias

Impatiens walleriana waiting patiently for re-potting



Out in the courtyard garden ...

Potted Anthurium and Impatiens walleriana

Salvia farinacea and Torenia


Justicia carnea

Clerodendrum ugandense


In the new garden beds ...

Gardenia 'Soleil d'or'


Alpinia NOID

Tabernaemontana corymbosa 'Sweet Love'

In the tiered garden beds ...

Salvia madrensis


Elsewhere ...


I'm joining Carol's monthly Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day  meme.

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