Saturday, August 14, 2010

An Inside Out Garden View.

Inspired by Shrylene's recent post Garden ramblings on a rainy Sunday which then reminded me of a post I read a little while ago from Cyndy Window Views, I spent this morning appreciating the garden views from inside my house.

I started to realise that many of the views are of the bushland, rather than my garden ... like this view from one side of our main bedroom ...
and this view from one side of our Lounge Room!!!!

So I realised I will need to put a few things into perspective, before I continue with this post.

My house is situated on the side of a rocky hill.  The front of our house, with its long verandah, has a southerly aspect and looks over a large, rather desolate expanse of (for want of a better word) 'grass' onto the surrounding bush.

This grassy area in our front yard separates the house from the surrounding bushland ... important in possible bushfire areas such as ours.

One side of our house is single storey ... to the left of the photo above ... and sits nestled into a wall of rock.

The other side of the house, facing to the east, is double storey ... and the large 'grassy' area continues around to this side ... again to keep some distance from the bush in case of fire.

This side of the house also looks out over the surrounding bushland.

It's also important to note that the property is primarily bedrock covered by a very thin, thin ... and I mean 'thin' ... layer of decomposed granite ... so there isn't a garden view from absolutely every window because most of the property around our house is simply not suitable for creating garden beds ... unless we win big in the Lotto!!!!!!!

Aside from the little garden beds in front of the house, many of the garden areas are located in amongst all those trees you can see in the photo below at the back and side of the house.

 So, given all this ... let's take a look at some of the window views.

I'll start with the room I'm sitting in right now ... the study / spare bedroom ... which looks out over the Courtyard Garden through this window ....
... and onto our coconut palms through the other window.
The Dining Room, just outside the office, also looks out over the Courtyard Garden ... although it gives a slightly different perspective ...
... as does the view through the Dining Room door ... a.k.a. one of our back doors.

Moving over to the Music Room which runs alongside the Dining Room and Lounge ... you get a great view out over the Shadehouse/Greenhouse Garden.

Through the Music Room doors ... those enormous ferns, the Giant Sword Fern in the background, cover a wall of rock.
... and another view through the Music Room windows.
Now into my lovely kitchen where I get fabulous views of both the Shadehouse/Greenhouse Garden ....
 and the Courtyard Garden.

Glimpses of the Courtyard Garden can also be seen from one side of our main bedroom.

These two garden spaces ... the Courtyard and Shadehouse Gardens ... are the most important garden spaces on my property primarily because they are areas that are constantly viewed upon from various vantage points in our house.  They really are the focal point of my gardening endeavours ... the other areas such as the driveway garden beds are rather like the adult children who have left home .... whilst you love them dearly, you don't get to visit them often!


  1. Hello,
    I love your house and your beautiful garden all around. It's so peaceful.

  2. I believe all of the views from your homes windows hold beauty. Love the view from the music room.

  3. Wow Bernie, My socks are knocked off completely! Love the views of the courtyard garden especially - so magically inviting! Thanks for the linky love :)

  4. Your house as well as the gardens are beautiful and peaceful. I liked your courtyard garden very much.I like the soft music too.Have a nice Sunday!

  5. Wow, Bernie! Those views are fantastic! Your courtyard is absolutely beautiful, but I'm afraid I'd have a hard time ever leaving that music room....

  6. Oh how I love your greenhouse room:) Beautiful!

  7. What lovely romantic views and home Bernie! I could live awhile in your courtyard garden! Beautiful!

  8. I always love to see the big picture in gardens; the context in which your slice of paradise was created in. With regards to the empty area with nothing but granite, have you considered bromeliads? They would cling to the bedrock if you pinned them down initially. I think one small and well placed oasis of color in that beautiful empty stretch would be even more effective than a full "garden". Thanks for the views!

  9. It's intriguing seeing houses and gardens around the world. I absolutely adore your shade house/greenhouse. I could live there! lol! Your little courtyard garden is very inviting too. The views out of your windows are wonderful. Great idea for a blog post. Oh, and I like your music. It's very restful while I'm reading and viewing your blog.

  10. Ellada ... living out here amongst the bushland is very peaceful. We don't hear many of the 'town' noises at all ... the soundtrack to our lives out here is varied bird calls and the sounds of the wind in the trees.

    Darla ... luckily we have views of the shadehouse/greenhouse garden from many other rooms beside the Music Room.

    Cyndy ... the Courtyard Garden is where I spend a lot of my time as I just so enjoy the atmosphere out there. I'm glad to share your posts ... they're definitely worth sharing!

    Lotusleaf ... thanks for your comments and I'm glad you enjoyed your visit. I also think my house and surrounds is very peaceful and soul satisfying!

    Floridagirl ... I do spend a lot of time practising on my piano out in the Music Room ... but I often get distracted by the garden outside and find myself wandering out there to tidy up or trim back or water!!!

  11. Rohrerbot ... thanks for dropping by ... the Greenhouse Garden is a spot I find myself wandering through several times a day ... it's the first spot I visit when I'm having my first cuppa in the morning!!

    Carol ... we spend a lot of time out in the Courtyard enjoying meals, enjoying time with friends or just enjoying a good book!

    Rainforest Gardener ... I just love your idea. Had not thought of that at all ... but if I could find some very sun, drought and heat hardy bromeliads, that would be an ideal addition to the bare patch at the side of the house! Brilliant thinking.

    Hi Jayne ... glad you liked the music and glad you liked both my favourite garden spaces. I could see the potential for both these areas when we first visited this property when looking for a new house. I'm almost happy with them both now ... that's the gardener speaking, never quite happy ... always something else that can be done!!!

  12. Hello Bernie! Thank you for the wonderful tour of your garden through your windows. It really highlights what a lush and tranquil paradise you have created there in the bush!

  13. Heidi ... nice to see you back in the blogging world! Thanks for your kind comments ... it does feel a bit like a tranquil paradise today! It's a wonderful Winter's day ... cool and comfortable ... blue skies, fluffy white clouds, lots of bird song, wallabies munching on the grass ... and I've been out working in the garden!!! Heaven!

  14. aloha,

    yes all your window views are quite spectacular, but i love the ones looking into your lush courtyard...hard to believe from this interior garden that you are living on the dryer side, but its very well laid out from what i see, thanks for taking us on a lovely tour of your home and garden bernieh

  15. Beautiful views! The music room and brick patio are lovely. The kitchen windows look almost like beautiful pictures hanging on the wall. You have created such a relaxing home with beautiful views.

  16. Bernie - I am enchanted with your views, ALL of them!

    Maybe you, Cyndy and I should start a meme - and call out to all our garden blogger buddies to "show us your window views"?! (Boy do I have "baby" views compared to the exotic shots from your home!!) This was a fabulous post!! (I am honored you mentioned my blog.) :D

  17. You have a beautiful home and the views are amazing

  18. Bernie, I love your courtyard garden; what a lovely place for a meal. -Jean

  19. I love the hanging baskets! They look really nice from the inside. Looks like your house is surrounded by nature and all your beautiful plants. So nice :-D

  20. Noel ... the lushness of the courtyard garden really provides a great balance to the dry surrounds here ... it's a bit of a haven!

    Amy ... thank you once again for your kind comments. I love my kitchen ... I love the open, airy feel about it ... and both the courtyard and shadehouse gardens provide a lovely aspect from inside our house.

    Shyrlene ... I do like your idea ... not a bad one for a meme!

    Rusty ... I thank you for popping in and leaving your kind comment.

    Jean ... yes we do use the courtyard garden for many, many alfresco meals!

    Stephanie ... I was really pleased when I found those hanging baskets ... they suit the courtyard so well!

  21. You have such a beautiful place to live in, with beautiful and colorful flowers!

  22. Ah, Bernie, you're home truly takes my breath away, and really, I don't think I'd ever leave that courtyard if given the chance!
    My friend, that's not just any view, that's what I call a vista!
    So honoured to have visited your oh so lovely abode! : )

  23. What a wonderful place to live! I love your house and garden!

  24. Bernie I love seeing Cyndy's window views and yours are just as spectacular never mind the wonderful looking home that you have.

  25. Bernie, You have enchanting views from all your windows. Your shaded area is very beautiful with this huge variety of well tended plants. It must be such a pleasure to let your eyes roam from the windows. The views like this are more intimate as you can see a section of the garden. I understand the empty places between house and bush. Thank you for the invitation to watch the view from your windows.

  26. I really enjoyed seeing photos of your home and its setting. I love your courtyard and greenhouse gardens! They must give you enormous pleasure and offer a great extension of living space.

  27. BEE YOU TEE FULL!! Your courtyard is one of the most beautiful I've seen. Just total eye candy with the nice table and potted plants... Love it!

  28. Thank you very much for allowing us to tour your house, garden and vicinity. I feel like i am really there. And also i remember my friend's house in Nelson, North Sydney, whose house is almost like yours, different stories as viewed from different sides. Most of the views except the flowering plants are almost same as yours. In that area though was a stable on a side as they are breeding horses. I missed those scenes. And your gardens are very beautiful and very well-cared for! It seems like you have many helps there, though i am sure none. How i wish many people can see your plants, and i know not many people are there in your area. Invite me to help you gardening and that is very much welcome. hehe. thanks for welcoming us fully in your property.

  29. You have something I've always dreamed of.. a courtyard garden. It's amazing and absolutely gorgeous and so lush.

  30. I so glad I didn't miss this post. You have a big house and a beautiful garden with such lovely window views. Living in the city, most of my window views are other peoples's houses or concrete structures. How I love your luscious indoor plants!

  31. Doanlegacy ... thank you for your lovely comment. It is a wonderful place to live ... except for the Summers!!!

    Stone Art ... yep the Courtyard is my favourite spot!

    Wall Flower ... very very kind comments. The 'vistas' can be rather drab during the Summer though ... brown, dry and drab!

    Thanks Penny for visiting and leaving you comment.

    Thanks Rosie ... so kind!

    Titania ... I'm so glad you like the views. There's always some lovely thing to gaze upon here ... I never tire of the views.

    Deb ... yes we spend a lot of time out in the courtyard and the verandah around our house ... maybe more than we actually spend inside the house!

    Grace ... thank you so much for dropping by and leaving your lovely comment. It is a special spot out there in the courtyard.

    Andrea ... it does sound as if your friend's place is similar to ours. No there are no helpers unfortunately, just hubbie and myself. But luckily I enjoy gardening ... and hubbie doesn't lending a hand every now and then!

    Helen ... I do hope you get your own courtyard garden one day soon! It's a joy to be able to spend time out there.

    Autumn Belle ... I'm so glad you liked the views.

  32. Wow! This is my first time to really stop and get to see your garden. The courtyard garden alone is enough to stop me in my tracks. With a view like that, who would ever need to go on vacation(holiday). The music room view is also outstanding. You have some challenging weather obstacles to overcome, but you've done it!
    We can't wait to come back and see more of your garden. BTW: I love the music. I need to learn how to do this on my garden blog. :-)I'm totally impressed! Wow!
    David/ Tropical Texana Houston, Texas

  33. David ... such lovely comments, thank you! I'd be most happy to see you popping in again.

    As for adding the music ... it's quite easy to do. Just click on the link below my Playlist that say 'Create Free'. I just played around and quickly learned how to create and post a playlist. You do have to have an idea of the music you want though ... or you could be searching forever.

  34. Bernie, this was a wonderful tour that gives a great sense of perspective. You have such a dynamic garden, with intimate lush enclosures, wide open views and and calming serenity, all working together. I like how your gardens and your house all flow together. Great shots, presented in a way that I felt like I was actually at your house having scones and walking all around. Loved it.

  35. Hello Bernie - you live in a mansion on a wonderful estate! Thought I was in the hot house at Kew Gardens with all that lushness in the shade bouse/greenhouse. And what a place to sit and dine in the courtyard. It's all too beautiful to comment succinctly


  36. Hi Bernie, I was sure I had left a message on this glorious post, but techincal difficulties must still be plaguing me! Your pictures are stunning, and I would have a very hard time leaving the music room. What truly amazing spaces you have created. :)

  37. Thank you Bernie, I love the way you have developed your garden, it looks a true picture and as you said on GoY a garden should be viewed from the inside out! I am sitting in my conservatory at the moment enjoying my own garden, inside out.

    The Old Gunner

  38. Oh my goodness! Your gardens are spectacular!

  39. hi just found ur blog , and its brilliant. love seeing stuff like this. my god its like a jungle . fab ,wow wot else can i say . i agree with every one just breathtaking , thanks 4 sharing ;0)))

  40. Bernie, you have a lovely house, yard and gardens. I would love to see the birds in all those pretty trees.

  41. Oh Bernie your garden is so beautiful and I love the music. The garden looks so peaceful and calm. It's a garden to die for, if you know what I mean. I could sit here all day looking and listening to the music. It's so relaxing. Love lindalooloo x

  42. To think you live on such a lovely property. I guess you deserve to, considering the amount of care and attention you must be giving to tending the garden.

  43. I feel as though I've just strolled through and around your house with you. What a beautiful spot you've created. Your courtyard and shadehouse gardens are a little paradise. You and your hubby are truly blessed to have those wonderful views to enjoy.
    I know how much loving care you must put into your garden to have it look so beautiful and welcoming.
    Thanks so much for much for sharing your beauty. That soft piano music is the perfect accompaniment :)

  44. I love the porch and patio!!! How lovely...


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