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My Garden In Flower - Summer 2009 - 2010

Summer has just ended here in Australia.  It is by far-and-away THE toughest time in my garden .... three months of wicked heat, stifling humidity, unrelenting strong sunshine followed by the severe drenching downpours of rain and weeks of no sunshine at all!  It always amazes me to see what not only survives all this but will flower despite these conditions.

Last Summer I began to keep a record of what was blooming in my garden through all the seasons.  This was that previous post on the summertime ....
My Garden in Flower - Summer 2008-2009

All these summer-flowering plants were in bloom again during the summer that's just ended ... so now I'm going to add a few extra plants that were new to the garden during 2009 and were in bloom as well over the summer.

I had added quite a few new gazanias ...

as well as some new Pelargoniums.  These unfortunately did not come through the 'wet' weeks of the summer ... even the cuttings I took failed miserably during the torrential downpours and the humid overcast weeks. 

I had also added a new Salvia just before the summer and it has done very, very well.

Another couple of new beauties that have been flowering away throughout the summer were the Angelonias.  I have this gorgeous purple one and a white one now.


There were also a couple of new Torenias which have stood up to the 'wet' brilliantly!

The fantastic Gladiolus callianthus flowered for the first time around mid-summer and went on to survive right through the 'wet' as well.  I'm now going to nickname this one 'courageous callianthus'!

The Gomphrena globosa powered on through summer and is still blooming away merrily.

I can't forget the Gerberas! These were the new ones planted just before summer ....

... nor can I forget the Dendrobium crumenatum.  I just love these gorgeous little flowers!

Then there's the Cleome spinosa hybrid 'Senorita Rosalita' .... 

Plectranthus 'Mona Lavender' ...

and then, of course, out in the bush the amazing native Planchonia careya began to bloom mid-summer.  The flowers open in the late afternoon/early evening and will have dropped off the tree by morning!  I love the way the flower opens in a spiral ...

and those long, long stamens!!


  1. Summer has given marvelous array of beauties... the long stamens flower is quite a character! ~bangchik

  2. That Planchonia careya is another new one to me Bernie and it is so beautiful gracing your title picture! It is a shame to hear that the blooms only last for such a short time, but I guess that makes their beauty all the more special.

  3. Hi GG ... I was planning on doing a post on the Planchonia next ... it is a fascinating tree but you do have to be in the know to actually see one of these flowers.

  4. Hi Bernie, I have just found your blog over at blotanical. It is so fabulous really to be able to see your summer garden ... gorgeous blooms... while sitting here in our winter filled with snow! I truly love your Planchonia careya! Now your summer is ending ... I imagine you enjoy the cooler temps... and our spring will begin soon! ;>) Carol

  5. I was wondering what your signature flower was. Now I know: Planchonia careya. Beautiful native!

    I *love* that golden-yellow torenia with the purple throat. What exquisite detail in its heart, looks like even an echo of the larger bloom is hiding there. :)

  6. Wow! That last flower is fabulous. I have never seen it in my part of the world. The plectranthus is also fascinating. You have many beautiful and exotic flowers in your garden. It must be a sight to behold!

  7. Thanks for your lovely comments Bangchik, Carol, Meredith and Deb ... it's nice to know I've introduced you to something new! That's what I love about the blogs from around the world ... it opens my eyes to all the beauty out there in the plant world.

  8. Bernie, I love that Planchonia careya; it's always nice to have amazing native plants that love the local growing conditions. -Jean

  9. Bernie: Thanks for leaving the comment to my post...

    Wow, you have so many beautiful flowers in your garden! Some I also have in my garden: Gazannias, Blue Salvia (doing really well in my florida weather as well, heat and cold tolerant!), mona lavendar... Your gladiolus is very beautiful. I just saw bulbs for sale at the garden center, maybe I should try as well. At last, love that planchonia careya, so delicately gorgeous!

  10. Bernie, all are beauties! I love the yellow Torenia very much. Could Gazania flower and the plant withstand much rain fall? I love to have some of them but I am wondering if they are good bloomers as well. Love to know your experience. Have a great day!

  11. Bernie,
    lovely photos, and those torenias look great - I will have to look out for them. How big are the flowers? Anything that makes it through the wet and looks that good is a keeper. I am also assessing what plants are the best having made it through the first year in my garden - will have to do a photo collection as you have done- thanks for sharing!

  12. Wow wow wow oh wowie wow wow!

    Your flowers are really lovely. We share a similar climate (I'm in Northern California), but your plants are so exotic to my eyes.

  13. Bernie-
    I just finished watching the first video of your garden. My daughter and I were awe-struck! She went crazy for the wallaby pictures too. I will never complain about the bunnies in my yard anymore (at least not so much!). I love that Blotanical took me 1/2 way around the world to see your incredible place! Thanks!

  14. Hi Bernie~~ Amazing photos. I had to do a triple-take on the pelargoniums. At first they looked like some kind of exotic orchid or something. All your flowers are just lovely. Even though summer is officially over I hope the weather continues to be friendly.


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