Sunday, November 1, 2009

Barleria Obtusa - hybrids

I have two Barleria and they are fabulous drought tolerant plants that flower all through the year.  I grow Barleria 'Purple Dazzler' in hanging baskets and in the ground.  It will only reach around half a metre and grows well in both sun or part shade.

I also grow Barleria 'Purple Gem' - a shrub which will reach around one metre and has beautiful green, white and purple leaves.  It bears the same lovely mauve flowers and is ideal for either a sunny or part shaded position.  My 'Purple Gem' is in the ground and is a very colourful addition to the garden bed.

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  1. Ure weather in Townsville, AUS and my weather in Marco Island Florida USA are almost identical (except we get overnight temps 1-4celsius a few times every year during winter....which really hurts some tropicals) just wondering what plants flower almost continuously year round where u are??


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