Snapshots ... My Garden Through The Seasons

This page has a collection of posts which began as an end-of-season round up of what was in bloom in my garden ... and have now become mid-season reports of what's flowering.

(Note:  I use the term 'seasons' rather loosely because, in fact, in my part of the world we don't really experience four seasons at all.  We really only have two seasons here - a long, long 'dry' season and a short 'wet'.) 

My Garden In Flower - Summer 2008-2009

My Garden In Flower - Autumn 2009

My Garden In Flower - Winter 2009


My Garden In Flower - Summer 2009-2010

Snapshots of mid-Autumn 2010

My Garden In Flower - Winter 2010

Snapshots of mid-Spring 2010


Snapshots of mid-Summer 2011

Snapshots of mid-Autumn 2011

Snapshots of mid-Winter 2011

Snapshots of mid-Spring 2011


Snapshots of mid-Summer 2012

Snapshots of mid-Autumn 2012

Snapshots of mid-Winter 2012

Snapshots of mid-Spring 2012


Snapshots of mid-Summer 2013

Snapshots of mid-Autumn 2013


Snapshots of mid-Summer 2014

more to come ...

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