Saturday, May 15, 2010

Green, Green... Everywhere It's Green.

It has to be said that the predominant colour for most of the year in the majority of my garden is green – except for the grassed areas which are most definitely brown for months of the year as we do not use precious water to keep the grass green here ... so when the 'dry' hits, the grass dies off very quickly.  The foliage does not change as Autumn approaches and there is no blanket of white snow during our Winter.

Green, green… everywhere there’s green ... ( can you tell I'm a little sick of all the 
 green????)   Well ... I am, but there's really little choice in the large outdoor garden beds.

The Ferny Grove -
There are several large outdoor garden bed areas – including two very long driveway garden beds, the ferny grove, a large screening bed at the back of the courtyard and two beds at the front of the house – and these are filled with lots and lots of heat, sun, humidity and drought hardy plants which happen to be mostly green.  Plants such as ferns, philodendrons, shrubs and trees which do not flower, palms and my lovely cycads.  They are the ones that survive the often harsh conditions and seem to grow despite the poor condition of the soil and the rocky terrain.

The Driveway Garden Beds -

So now I'd like to showcase some of the great green garden plants that live here in my spot in the dry tropics region of north-eastern Oz:

Polyscias fruticosa -Ming Aralia:
Acalypha wilkesiana:

Top row:  Monstera deliciosa – Swiss Cheese Plant.
Bottom row:  Epipremnum aureum - Pothos.

Top row:  Alocasia macrorrhiza - Elephant's Ear
Bottom row:  Philodendron

Top row:  Schefflera arboricola - Dwarf variegated Umbrella Tree
Bottom row:  Pedilanthus tithymaloides 'variegata' - Slipper Plant
There are lots of ferns, particularly the Giant Sword Fern and lots of Philodendrons of all shapes and sizes (seen here in the Ferny Grove and under the pergola on the way down to the Courtyard Garden).

There's also lots of different types of Palms around the property.
\I think this might be a variety of Pandanus .... not sure though!

Now to finish ... here's a short video which I've appropriately named "Green, Green ... Everywhere Is Green."  (There is sound ... so if you wish to listen to the accompanying music, turn on your speakers!)


  1. GREEN is definitely my favourite garden colour....and you have so many greens in your garden. It looks like a very cooling place on a hot day.

    Thank you for your comments on my blog, and I hope you get a great deal of pleasure from blogging and making new friends, Bernie.

  2. I love all that green but would hate to be the person keeping it under control. Lots of red in my garden right now.

  3. Green is great. All those different shades of green in your lovely garden. How can you complain.

  4. You have a wonderful Garden,,so many different greens. Looks calm and cool. Just beautiful.
    Here in Ontario , Canada it is 2C this morning ,that is close to frost. A little too cool for mid-May.

  5. Green is a wonderful color, and so is your garden! It is lush and looks refreshing. My garden is predominately green during our summer months, which are starting now. In fact, I just put up a post featuring green today!

  6. I love all those greens. For a dry garden you have an amazing luxuriant foliage.

  7. Your garden is a true haven of delight I love all the green.

  8. I have come to love the greens in my gardens, as they are very cooling and refreshing. I wish we had more trees as they provide much needed shade during the hot months. Your place is a tropical paradise, soothing and wonderful.

    That was a lovely little slideshow. What program did you use to make it?

    Enjoy that wonderful oasis you have created.


  9. Thanks all for your great comments ... obviously green is a favourite colour of many!

    Thanks for visiting Joan, Diane and Joanne. Glad you liked all that green

    Clara ... 2C sounds too cold! Over here our lowest winter temp. is around 13C!!!

    Jim ... green, green and not ONE hosta to be seen!

    Deb ... I popped in to read your post and the greens in your woodland are so beautiful!

    Hermes ... we've had quite a long 'wet' this year which helps keeping things green. We're about to start our 'dry' though and there will be some things that turn brown very quickly!

    Flowerlady ... yes the green does create a rather cool feel during our long summer and I'm lucky that we have lots of tall shade trees as well. For the slideshow ... I used Windows Movie Maker. It's very easy to use!

  10. Your garden looks very lush and cooling, just like a tropical living sanctuary. I can't imagine water is very precious here.

  11. Your garden is wonderful in spite of the climate! I likedd the music too, so soft and pleasing.

  12. Wow! Lovely foliage everywhere!

  13. Autumn Belle ... yes water is very precious here as we usually don't get any rain for around nine months of every year. This year, so far, we've had more rainy days than is normal ... so things have stayed green for quite a while. But careful selection of plants and where to plant them is the key to keeping most of the garden looking green for as long as possible.

    Lotusleaf ... glad you enjoyed the short video. Here we have to choose our plants carefully, otherwise the garden would not look so lush.

    Aaron ... I'm glad you liked the many varieties of green foliage.

  14. Bernie, your greens are lucious! I can understand that you get a bit tired of it, but your smart to focus on the variuos shades, shapes and textures for interest. The philodendron are fantastic, and the arboricola adds extra light to a darker green space. I love your tropical paradise!

  15. Great greens Bernie! I love your driveway ... such exotic plants to mine eyes!

  16. I do love green in the garden. I recognize many of your plants, but my favorites are your beautiful ferns.

  17. Hi Bernie, I love this green, cool areas in the garden. I see many familiar, plants. Each is unique and beautiful. They generally withstand wet and drought with panache. You have a lovely, green garden. The video is well done.

  18. Hi Bernie,
    Lovely video all your greens are wonderful and lush such a splendid pallet of green!
    By the way, Steve has just commented we must have similar taste in music I have been playing that track on my CD this morning! I think I'm driving him mad with's lovely.


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